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What Is Cellulite Reduction?

Regardless of how thin and fit you are, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done to erase cellulite on your own. The fibrous tissue grows under the skin, mostly around the hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen, and can create a bumpy, dimpled look. Head technician Gabrielle Williams at Premier Aesthetics and Weight Loss in Dunwoody, GA offers nonsurgical cellulite reduction using Accent Prime. This advanced technology can correct the appearance of cellulite by targeting the fatty tissue found in common regions of the body and smoothing the skin texture. In the past, cellulite was basically impossible to eliminate, but today, you can receive great, noticeable results from the cellulite reduction procedure.

Reducing cellulite with Accent Prime treatments can be an ideal option for individuals who are at a good weight and would like to get rid of cellulite on the waist, belly, buttocks, or legs. This procedure can help people of practically any age. Even so, certain groups of people may get improved outcomes when compared to others. These normally include those with:

  • Good overall health along with a sturdy immune system
  • Realistic ideas for their goals
  • An interest in long-lasting results
  • Obvious fat, cellulite, and skin texture problems

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How Does Cellulite Reduction Work?

Accent Prime uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and mechanical massage to increase metabolism within subcutaneous tissue, which smoothes the texture of the skin. This targeted treatment is minimally invasive and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed. At our wellness facility in Dunwoody, GA, cellulite reduction is effective and safe for individuals of all skin types. Treatments can take between 30 minutes to an hour and provide long-lasting results. There is no downtime so you can return to your normal activities after the procedure.

Remove Cellulite

Cellulite reduction has helped thousands of individuals improve the look of their skin by diminishing cellulite from problem areas. If you have unwanted cellulite on various areas of your body but do not want to resort to surgery to get the results you desire, call Premier Aesthetics and Weight Loss in Dunwoody, GA to schedule a consultation with Gabrielle. Find out how cellulite reduction can create a rejuvenated glow that boosts your confidence and complements the rest of your silhouette.

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How much does cellulite reduction cost?

The cost of nonsurgical cellulite reduction treatment with the Accent Prime platform will differ based on the severity of your cellulite and your unique goals. Once we determine how many procedures we will do and how many body parts you are getting taken care of, then we can give you an estimate on your expenses.

Are cellulite treatments painful?

Many of our patients at Premier Aesthetics and Weight Loss find that the Accent Prime device feels warm and comfortable. Although, in the case that you have fears about discomfort, reach out to a professional on our team, and we can talk about numbing creams and other methods to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

How many sessions do I need to see improvement in my cellulite?

Be aware that cellulite reduction treatments are a temporary answer to the appearance of your cellulite. To get the best outcomes, we often urge that patients have maintenance procedures to manage their cellulite. Over the coming months and years, you will typically need more services to notice improvements in your dimpled skin.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.